All it takes is a phone call to get the ball rolling...

All of my services are tailored to your needs which I learn about through our initial phone conversation and then a visit to your home.

Home visits are an added opportunity for me to assess your environment and the amount of items to work through. I can also suggest possible solutions for your spacial and organisational requirements.

Initial visits are charged at my hourly rate of $85 which is taken off your total if you book 3 or more hours with me at the end of the consultation.


Book 11 hours ($935) and get the 12th hour free! Book 22 hours ($1870) and get 2 hours free!

Payment plans are available. Sessions are held for a minimum of three hours.

I'm happy to support local charities of your choosing when dropping off donations and am constantly building links with a range of services within the community.

My services are non-judgemental and completely confidential. I hold a current police check and am fully insured.


  • Are you no longer able to relax in your lounge due to mountains of clutter from other areas?

  • Is preparing a healthy meal for your family now a struggle against your pantry?

  • Do you leave the door to 'The Room' closed, afraid its overwhelming contents might bite your ankles if you open it?

Regardless of whether you've always been messy or are trying to catch up on the clutter after a life event (kids, relocation, illness), I can help you clarify the purpose of each space and clear it! From a draw to a whole house, I help you sort through your items, re-organise them and assist with removal/disposal.


Areas may include: kitchen and pantry, bathroom and storage cupboards, bedroom and wardrobe, children's room and play room, lounge room, home office, craft room, garage.

Dear Beloved...

Someone dear to you has just passed and you have been left with feelings of grief, loss and...exasperation as you are faced with sorting through their possessions. You don't need to go through it alone, no matter how much time has passed. I can help you through the process of finding new homes for things, looking at objects in a new light and displaying memorabilia to honour your loved ones' memory.

A few helpful things for you to consider:

  • What was this items' intended purpose?

  • What 5 items would best serve to 'keep ones memory alive'?

  • If you were to pack the item away in a box for another 5 years, would you forget its existence?

It is important to get quite clear on what you want the intended outcome to be. Do you have so much stuff left that it overwhelms you and you need help? Have you sorted some things yourself but are having a hard time parting with a lot of things you know should probably be discarded? Do you need a fresh set of eyes who can see the potential of a collection and where they should go? I can help you with all of the above!


If you are moving into a smaller home, it makes sense to start the decluttering process before the move. This saves you the time, money and effort involved with moving excess belongings and means you have a clearer idea of possible storage solutions and furniture placement in your new home.

I can help you with:

  • decluttering and disposal of items before the move

  • floor planning for new premises

  • packing your belongings

  • unpacking belongings in your new home

This means that the purpose of each box will be clear and will minimise unnecessary handling and know, where the teenager packs a box, labels it 'CLOTHES' but forgets to mention the collectible snow globes on the bottom.

Together we can talk about whether you would like me to co-ordinate any services for you such as removalists or the disposal of items.

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